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Meeting with the Chief Scientist and Chairman of Israel Innovation Authority.

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The Israeli Doctors of America members had a productive and fascinating meeting with Dr. Ami Appelbaum, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and Chairman of Israel Innovation Authority.

Dr. Appelbaum was kind enough to present to us the Israel Innovation Authority and their influential role in the growing Hi-Tech industry in Israel. He gave a great presentation of the history of Israeli tech industry and the developing Bio-Tech field which is fast growing.

We discussed different ways in which we can collaborate with the Israeli Innovation Autority, and in that way – contribute our members professional expertise to the expanding Bio-Tech industry in Israel.

We are looking forward to future meetings and collaborations with Dr. Appelbaum and his team.

Meeting with Dr. Ami Appelbaum (in the middle)

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