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MEIDA Project

Mentorship in Education of the Israeli Doctors of America

Anchored in our mission goals, we are eager to assist young physicians and physicians-to-be in achieving their academic goals here in America. Over the years, we helped individuals who approached us, mainly through connecting them with a relevant member of our organization. Students and residents who connected with us were often very successful in their academic development. While this is still very fulfilling, we are enthusiastic about taking our educational branch to the next level. 

To achieve that goal, we initiated the “Mentorship and Education Israeli Doctors of America” (MEIDA) project in 2020. In this project, we will connect students who are interested in establishing professional relationships with physicians from IDA. The connection could be in the student’s field of interest and may assist the student in gaining experience, both clinical and academic. This connection can be the foundation for a research project, clinical observation, and more. We are confident that such collaborations can be extremely fruitful, especially to passionate, dedicated students. 

If you are a member of our organization and would be interested in becoming a mentor in MEIDA, please fill this form.

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